If somebody asked you to name the 5 most important and memorable moments in your life, what would they be? Graduation? A big move? A new career? Think about it.

My name is Joe Kaszuba, and for me one of those five moments was my wedding day.

In the lead up to my big day, I thought of it as another party, another gathering. I never imagined how it would feel to have all of the people, out of everyone I have ever known, surrounding me and offering their love and support. Based on my expectations, I wasn’t fully prepared. It was amazing!

The reason I DJ weddings is because I believe they are the source of our some of our most cherished memories. I work hard for every one of my wedding clients to be sure their music is a highlight on their wedding day.

Now, let’s talk about you! Let’s talk about the soundtrack to one of the most memorable, important days of your life!

DJ Joe K

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